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Dedicated bandwidth

Fastest and consistent internet speeds.

Uncongested core

Lowest latency and packet drop

Multi-path redundancy

24×7 uninterrupted network connectivity

End-to-end SLA

Committed uptime, latency and packet loss

Network Presence for Diginet Broadband Pvt. Ltd.

A leased-line will be delivered on fiber-optic/ wireless last mile media from point A to point B, usually from the head office to its branch office.

There are various advantages of dedicated Internet Leased Lines. The major advantages are: Secured high-speed symmetric upload/ download bandwidth, dedicated connectivity with static IP, Low latency, High security, committed SLA’s and 24×7 monitoring.

A Leased Line basically dedicated to an entire bandwidth with a 1:1 contention ratio to a particular entity. Businesses looking for high-speed internet service connections often opt for leased lines to carry out various internet-related business activities such as normal browsing, sending e-mails, keeping cloud backups, making VOIP calls, video conferencing, transfer of large files of data, RDP, and much more. Having a leased line connection will benefit the company in terms of consistency, reliability, scalability, secured and is also cost-effective.

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